Margareta closed the door, and Basil stood thoughtfully by the fire. At that moment a bright flame, springing up from some stray brand yet unkindled, illumined his face,——it was radiant with the light of love. His finely curved lips, the sole beautiful feature there, were trembling with a happy smile, as they murmured in low tones one beloved name,——“Isilda, Isilda!”


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So one day I said to myself: “I will go to London at all 103costs. I will take a room in Bloomsbury and risk it.” By a happy accident I received, a few days later, a note from Rutland Boughton, the well-known composer, telling me that he was relinquishing his post as musical critic of The Daily Citizen, that ill-fated paper so courageously edited by Frank Dilnot. Boughton suggested I should apply for the vacancy. I did apply. I wrote to Dilnot and received no answer. I chafed a fortnight and then telegraphed, prepaying a reply. “No vacancy at present” was the message I received. So I took the next train to London and bearded Dilnot in his den. “Yes, I’ll take you,” he said, “if you’ll come for two pounds a week. But, if you’re the real stuff, you’ll receive much more.” As I knew that I was, indeed, the real stuff, “I’ll come,” said I. “When can I start?”

McCray was beginning to feel more confident. It was astonishing how a little light made an impossible situation bearable, how quickly his courage flowed back when he could see again.

The volume of sound grew louder and more distinct until it seemed to surround them and they stood dumb with astonishment. Out over the waters of Salamis drifted the pæan of solemn, dignified joy, and into the heart of every Greek it sent its message. Never to hear again in reality the Hymn to Dionysus! Never to walk in joyous procession with the celebrants from Athens to Eleusis, bearing the statue of Iocchos! Never to celebrate the national festivals so dear to the heart of every Greek! Was Greece to be overrun and conquered by Orientals? The pæan died away gradually and was followed by an ominous, death-like silence. Then a very different sound pierced the ears of the two listeners. It was the battle-cry of the Greeks as they sent forth their ships to meet the enemy. All fear had fled. Only one motive actuated the entire fleet and that was to save Greece at any cost.

Getting inside the Barracks was a production. The safety-suits worn outside presumably bore on their outer surfaces all the dust-borne bugs native to Kansas. To carry these bacteria into the Barracks, to be inspired and ingested by Axenites—humans who'd never before had a bacterium inside their bodies—would wipe out the Regiment. Axenites are chemically pure people. They have no immuniological experience. Their gamma-globulin is low, their intestinal walls are thin. They may be killed by a light salting of staphyllococci, a soupcon of strep, or just a pinch of B. subtilis, a buglet as innocuous to "normal" humans as the dust-motes it inhabits.

“Oh you know, you know” ses she. “Befure you were gone a fortnite” ses she “yure ingagemint was annownced.” “My ingage——Claire!” ses he horsely, and he saized hold of her hand vilintly. “Theres sum misurable mistake. You’ve been misled, desaved.”



choice of the peo-ple. They told him that it was their wish that he should lead them, be their Chief for one more term, and take the chair on the fourth of March, 1865.

About a hundred years ago there lived a woman in Joyce County, of whom all the neighbours were afraid, for she had always plenty of money, though no one knew how she came by it; and the best of eating and drinking went on at her house, chiefly at night—meat and fowls and Spanish wines in plenty for all comers. And when people asked how it all came, she laughed and said, “I have paid for it,” but would tell them no more.

“I will tell Fan,” said Constance, “when I write—but that is not often. We are neither of us very good correspondents.”

1.The first is to me a very great thing indeed, the form and substance of my ideal life, and all the religion I possess. Let me make

2.  在搭上技术发展的快车后,一些互联网企业很容易形成“领先一步,步步领先”的先发优势,直至患上“寡头病”。尤其是在搜索、社交媒体、电商、网约车等容易形成用户惯性的领域,体现得更为明显。一旦登上垄断“宝座”,面对丰厚回报,一些互联网企业便采取强硬的排他性措施,使创新很容易被扼杀在摇篮中。无论是腾讯和360之间曾经的“3Q大战”,还是阿里和京东的“二选一”争议,其中都不乏垄断的影子。


Joe Kenyon raised himself uneasily in his chair and glanced round the faces of the little circle. They were all alert now. There could be no question that they correctly anticipated the nature of the "matter" the new-comer was going to discuss, although they were uncertain what precisely he might have to say about it.



??Anyhow this young man has a tremendous future,?? said Oswald, going back to the original topic. ??Think of what lies before him. Never has the world been so safe and settled??most of it that is??as it is now. I suppose really the world??s hardly begun to touch education. In this house everything seems educational??pictures, toys, everything. When one sees how small niggers can be moulded and changed even in a missionary school, it makes one think. I wish I 21knew more about education. I lie awake at nights thinking of the man I might be, if I knew all I don??t know, and of all I could do if I did. And it??s the same with others. Every one who seems worth anything seems regretting his education wasn??t better. Hitherto of course there??s always been wars, interruptions, religious rows; the world??s been confused and poor, a thorough muddle; there??s never been a real planned education for people. Just scraps and hints. But we??re changing all that. Here??s a big safe world at last. No wars in Europe since ??71 and no likelihood in our time of any more big wars. Things settle down. And he comes in for it all.??


(The dealer paid the farmer-huntsman perhaps per skin. The pelt was then cured and dressed and mounted and equipped with snappers; at a total price in labour and material of perhaps at most. After which, in marketable form, it sold at retail from to or even higher. Thus, there was money for every one concerned—except possibly for the ultimate buyer.)


It was not until we had neared Mr G. F. Watts’ house that Shaw moderated his pace a little.